How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, please contact our office team by emailing, by calling 0208 150 8290 or by completing the form.

The team are available Monday to Thursday from 9am – 6pm and Friday 9am – 5pm.

Our team will help find you the earliest appointment possible with the most suitable specialist according to your needs. For patients with insurance, prior to booking you will need to contact your insurer to get a pre-authorisation code for any treatment.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment up to 48 hours prior to the appointment time by calling the office team on 0208 150 8290 or emailing Failure to notify us before this time will result in a cancellation fee. (see costs)

Where is the Hand Doctor Practice based?

Please see our locations

How much will I pay?

Please see our costs

What to expect at the consultation?

You will see the Consultant in their consulting room. There is usually a desk but the consultant may sit next to you to examine your hands.

Before that however, the important thing is, that Consultant will take time to listen to you about what your hand problem is. And it is often, what you tell them and how they can understand your problem, is what will help with the diagnosis. After the consultant has listened to you, talked to you, and understand what your problem is, there will be an examination of your hand and wrist, and maybe even your elbow, shoulder and neck.

After the hand examination; looking particularly where the problem is, whether it be a catching tendon, pain, or pins and needles from a nerve-type problem, the Consultant will often have the diagnosis, but occasionally they need to do special investigations, and these may start with a simple plain X-ray, an ultrasound scan, or an MRI scan, and on occasions the consultant will arrange special nerve tests just to see whether a nerve is trapped somewhere in your upper limb. The consultant is very mindful about organising special tests such as scans because they do cost people money, whether it be you as a self-pay patient or private medical insurance, so an investigation will only be arranged if the consultant thinks it will add to your clinical management.

Will I need an X-ray?

Conditions that affect bone such as fractures and arthritis often need x-rays. An x-ray will be done on the same day and the results discussed with you by The Hand Doctor Practice Consultant that you see. Most Insurance companies cover x-rays as part of the initial authorisation, but please check first. If you are a self-pay patient the Hospital will charge you directly for x-rays.

What if I need a scan?

Scans (MRI, CT, and ultrasound) are expensive and authorisation is almost always required by the insurance companies. Scans are usually performed on a separate day and a follow up appointment is required to discuss the results. On the day of the scan, we request you advise the office of the timing of your scan so that we can ensure the consultant gets your results.  After your scan, the radiology doctor review the images and write a report and discuss this with The Hand Doctor Practice Consultant.

If you are a self-pay patient the hospital will charge you directly for any scan that is required. They will provide quote for fees upon request.

What is hand therapy?

Hand therapy is an important part of the Hand Doctor Practice consultant patient’s care and they work closely with a number of therapists. A Hand Therapist is an Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist who has specialised through advanced study and experience the treatment of conditions affecting the hand and upper limb.

The Hand Therapist liaises closely with the patient’s consultant in order to provide consistency and complementary care. The treatment can often start within days of the injury or surgery and last until the patient is able to return to full function.

The Hand Therapist can assess and treat a variety of post-operative/post injury or preventative and non operative conditions.

Treatments may include:

  • Removal dressings, plaster cast and stitches post op
  • Assistance in the reduction of oedema
  • Exercise programmes to increase range of movement and strength
  • Manufacture bespoke splints to aid recovery/correct deformity or protect ion during post-operative phase of healing
  • Management of scars (raised/swollen or hypersensitive)
  • Desensitisation following nerve injury
  • Sensory education following nerve injury
  • Treatment of chronic regional pain syndrome
  • Assessment of activities of daily living and work pacing
  • Pre-operative assessment / advice and counselling

We work with several excellent specialist Hand therapists around central London and the office can provide a list of these on request.

Information Leaflets for patients

We have produced an information leaflet to help patients who may be offered treatment with a Consultant Radiologist via ultrasound. The leaflet also has our list of recommended Hand Therapists

Information on Steroid Injections given under ultrasound.

What if I need surgery?

The decision for surgery is not always easy and adequate time will be offered to ensure you understand what is involved. Often the Consultant will arrange for patients to see the specialist hand therapist before surgery to discuss the rehabilitation post operatively if particularly involved. Once you have decided on surgery you will be consented for the operation and an OPCS code given. A suitable date for surgery will be discussed with Karen, Helen or Jahlan in the office.

Please read our information leaflet with details on what will happen on the day and after surgery.

What is Consent?

Consent is a very important part of the surgical process. It is the process in which the patient and surgeon can discuss the planned surgery in detail and be fully aware of the risks and benefits. A signed document outlining the procedure, risks and benefits is filed in the notes and a copy is retained for the patient.

What is the OPCS code that my insurer asked me to obtain?

The OPCS/ surgical code will represent a particular operation. It will usually consist of a capital letter followed by four numbers. For example, a carpal tunnel decompression operation will have the OPCS code A6510. The Hand Doctor Practice office/ Consultant will give you the code once a decision has been made to perform surgery. Occasionally, multiple OPCS codes are required for one operation, and this would represent two or more different procedures being performed in the one operation. Once you have been given the OPCS code you should inform your insurance company to obtain authorisation.

What are Day Case and in-Patient?

These terms describe the amount of time spent in the hospital. A day case operation is performed and the patient is allowed home on the same day. An In-patient is kept in overnight following surgery. This may be for a variety of reasons such as co-existing medical conditions, social circumstances, more careful observation required etc. Most hand surgery operations are done as a day case.

Who will do my operation?

The Hand Doctor Practice consultant performs all private operations themself. Occasionally for complex cases they may be assisted by another experienced surgeon. There will be no extra costs incurred if an additional surgical assistant is required.

Who will I see after my operation?

The Hand Doctor Practice consultant will check that you are comfortable and in a satisfactory condition to leave the hospital.

After surgery you will see a nurse, a hand therapist or your consultant. Patients will usually be seen for mobilisation or splinting by a hand therapist in the first week or two to have their stitches removed. Your consultant will see you for a follow up a few weeks after your surgery as needed.

What if things go wrong?

Complications are fortunately quite rare in hand and wrist surgery. However, they still can occur. The close post-operative attention that you will receive from the nurses, hand therapist and surgeon would hopefully identify and problems early so that they can be rectified.

If you are post-op and it’s urgent /at night please call the duty nurse where your surgery took place and they will reach the Consultant.

In daytime hours please call the office number 0208 150 8290.  We also have an out-of-hours WhatsApp number (07772 310908).

We have prepared a list of what could go wrong. It is not designed to scare you or put you off surgery as the majority of Hand Doctor Practice patients are very pleased with the results but does help explain what can go wrong.